Our Services

No job is too small. We are looking forward to anything interesting related to light!  We have a lot of experience on  projects based on RIBA plan of work. We are also more than happy to give a hand wherever is needed. 

Lighting Projects

As independent lighting designers we offer tailored service to meet each project’s unique requirement. We cooperate with clients, architects, interior designers, landscape architects and contractors to make sure every project reaches its maximum potential. Typical design stages can be summarized as followings: 

Feasibility Study

We analyse and research existing problems, requirement and potential lighting opportunities.


We develop initial lighting concept. The lighting concept is communicated through reference images, sketches and markups.

Design Development

We implement design concept with plans and details drawings. Initial lighting calculations and mock-ups are studied to check technical parameters. We also suggest initial products and equipment at this stage.

Detail Design

Lighting layouts, details, and specifications are carefully coordinated with other design disciplines and documented. Lighting calculations are carried out in detail to meet with local and international standards. Lighting control intent and logical channels are prepared.


We attend site progress reviews and coordination meetings, assist the contractors and design team to make sure lighting installation aligns with the lighting design intent.

Commission and Handover

We focus lighting equipment and programe lighting control scene settings on site. Once the construction is finished, we review the completed lighting installation, comment and prepare defect schedule for client.

Ad Hoc Service

Whether you want a beautiful chandelier design or a quick hand on lighting technical support, we are happy to have a look! Our agile ad-hoc service is suitable for all big and small tasks. 

Bespoke Features

We are highly experienced with special services designing beautiful lighting features including chandelier, artificial skylight, feature wall,lighting installations… anything that emits light!

Daylight Study

We analyse and simulate when and how much direct /indirect sunlight is coming into a space, where are the shadows projecting.  We also suggest how to improve artificial lighting by taking sunlight into account. 

Technical support

We give advice and support on the ‘lighting’ technical side including calculations, specification and control.